What Managers Need to Know . . .

About The FHIM

The Federated Health Information Model (FHIM) maps health information domains (allergies, pharmacy, procedures, patient information, etc.) to each other.  Using over 1,000 "classes" and 6,000 "elements" within classes, it is an empirically derived model that includes over 90% of the health information that stakeholders seek to share within and between organizations.

The FHIM also has terminology bindings to the information model that enable users of different standards to communicate clearly and consistently with each other.

Finally, remember, the FHIM is not static.  It needs to evolve to meet stakeholders' needs.  We welcome your participation in this critical step toward full and safe interoperability.  Please take a few minutes to watch the FHIM Animation on this website!


About the FHIM Profile Builder

The FHIM Profile Builder (FPB) is a new way to automate the creation of FHIR profiles.  There are other profile builders but none is based on a common information model (the FHIM or its equivalent).  As a result, although FHIR has become very popular, the FHIR profiles that are manually generated are not easily reusable.  FHIR profiles are being developed for one-off, point-to-point interoperability needs, which may respond to short term but it is inefficient and ultimately not effective for system-wide interoperability needs.

The FPB can help solve this problem but faces the following barriers to entry:

1.  It is new and people/organizations don't always respond to "new" readily.

2.  Managers need to assign their reports to use, test, improve, and broaden awareness of the FPB.

Please join us in this effort to improve interoperability by making it easy to build FHIR (and other) profiles!

Download the FPB and put it to the test.  See if it meets your needs.  The FPB is open source.  We would simply like your feedback.

If you want to influence the development of the FPB as a standard of The Open Group, please consider becoming a Healthcare Forum Member.  There is only a small charge, based on the size of your organization. 

For more information, please contact Jason Lee, Director of the Healthcare Forum at The Open Group at j.lee@opengroup.org